Do you have a BMF?

Image courtesy of Retro Trace Vintage

Image courtesy of Retro Trace Vintage

Are you a BMF? That’s a Best Mummy Friend, for anyone not in the know {which is probably most of you, as I totally made that phrase up.}

But if you have kids, the likelihood is that you will also have a BMF. I don’t know what I’d do without my BMF…and neither do our husbands, because if we didn’t have each other, they’d have to listen to all of our child-related neurotic ramblings instead.

Here’s how you know if you have a BMF:

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A Letter to my big boy: Before you start school


My darling Big Monkey,

I can’t believe you will be starting school in just over three weeks. How did this happen?! I remember the day you were born so very clearly {despite the epidural, gas & air} – my first baby, my little boy. Well, not quite so ‘little’; weighing in at 9lb 10oz, it looked like I’d given birth to a three-month-old hippo, but my goodness you were loved.

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Little Monkey’s blog!

IMG_9230It would appear that Little Monkey has decided he wants a piece of this writing malarkey and has started his own blog!

It’s called Little Monkey Writes and he shares his infinite wisdom {all 18 months of it} and toddler musings with no holds barred! It’s a secret diary, so apparently I’m not allowed to read it, so do pop over and let me know what you think. I’ll be sure to pass the feedback on!

Happy reading {and if you really like it, feel free to give him a little follow!} x

A Guide to the Selective Hearing of a Preschooler

Selective HearingMy poor {almost} four-year-old son seems to have been cursed with selective hearing. I blame his father, as he has the same affliction, so clearly it must be genetic. I mean, I’m sure it’s not that he actively chooses to ignore me, no, no, no. Although he does respond immediately to the words ‘cake’ and ‘chocolate’, so fret not dear reader, all is not lost.

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7 Things my boys have taught me this Mother’s Day

IMG_8343-2At {nearly} four years and 17 months old, my boys are too young to really understand the concept of Mother’s Day. Although they woke me up this morning by shoving a rose in my face, ripping open the card they’d got me, tearing the envelope into tiny pieces and scattering it all over my bed…which was all done with loving intentions, I’m sure.

So this Mother’s Day, I thought I’d reflect on what they’ve taught me over the last four years:

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Six Things my Husband Has Taught Me.

Blog profile picLast night the hub and I were looking through some old photos of when we first met, nearly twelve years ago when we were both holiday reps in Majorca {yes, I find that hard to believe myself now}. What amazed me most was how much we’d both changed and grown {together, thankfully} and it got me thinking about how we’ve influenced each other over the years, moving from young early-twenty-somethings with no responsibility to early thirty-somethings {thirty-four is still early, right?} with fairly respectable jobs and two beautiful boys to complete us.

So not that I would tell him and inflate his ego, but here are six things my husband has taught me over the last twelve years:

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