10 Things I’ve Learned from my Child’s First Year in Reception



I can’t believe we’re just three weeks away from my oldest little finishing his first year in Reception. So, apart from an increased desire to drink mid-week, here’s 10 Things I have Learned from my Child’s First Year in Reception:

1. Leaving the house in the morning needs to be a well-timed, perfectly executed operation. We still haven’t mastered this.

2. Phonics are confusing. Bring back the alphabet p-p-please.

3. Watching your child say their lines in their first class assembly will make your heart burst with pride. Never did I think the words, “Pitch means high and low notes” could be so emotive.

4. I’ll always be the mum that brings shop-bought cakes in for the bake-sale. And I’ve made my peace with that.

5. Don’t forget your purse on the day of said cake sale and think your child won’t notice. The swarm of kids in the playground hyped-up on sugar and yelling “cake!” is a giveaway. It won’t go down well. (Thank you kind friend who saved my relationship with my son by giving me 50p to buy cake).

6. This first year has been just as much about me learning the ropes and making new friends, as it has been about him. And I’ve met some jolly-lovely mummies.

7. Hell hath no fury like a hungry child after school.

8. Hell also hath no fury like a parent trying to engage a totally disinterested child in their sodding homework project that you’ve left til the last minute. Again.

9. My son is actually more brave and capable than I gave him credit for. And all that fretting I did about whether or not he’d find the loo and be able to do his trousers up was unwarranted.

10. All children learn at different rates. As hard as it is (and believe me, it’s almost impossible), try not to compare. They’ll all get there in the end. (And if not, mine will be REALLY good at jumping off the sofa dressed as Spiderman).

Well done parents, we survived it! Now pass the wine…

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