A Toddler’s Guide to Valentines Day


Today Little Monkey’s hijacked the blog and has decided to share his wisdom (all 2 years and 4 months of it) by providing you with a Toddler’s Guide to Valentines Day. 

Hi – Little Monkey here! I’ve thought of some brilliant ways to show your mummy how much you love her, that are waaay better that silly old hearts and flowers. Here’s your guide to an extra-special Valentine’s Day – you’re welcome!

1. Wake up super early – I’m thinking maybe 5/5.30am. Especially great this year as the big day is a Sunday. Your mummy will totally love being given the gift of extra time with you on the day of love.

2. Breakfast in bed – apparently this is really romantic, I’m not really sure why. I’m thinking biscuits or toast would be ideal, to really get the crumbs between the sheets.

3. Show your emotions – ladies love a man who shows their sensitive side, so factor in at least three meltdowns during the day.

4. Bring her gifts – be creative. Last week I actually grabbed the contents of my nappy and proudly presented it to mummy. She was so happy she screamed.

5. Let her watch her favourite film – as long as it’s Peppa Pig. On repeat.

6. Be spontaneous – ladies love the unexpected. The best time for spontaneity is just as she’s putting you to bed. Request a drink, one more song, keep yelling out “Mr Tuuumble” or tell her there’s a cat in your bedroom (doesn’t matter if you don’t own one) – these spontaneous gestures will go a long way.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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