Do you have a BMF?

Image courtesy of Retro Trace Vintage

Image courtesy of Retro Trace Vintage

Are you a BMF? That’s a Best Mummy Friend, for anyone not in the know {which is probably most of you, as I totally made that phrase up.}

But if you have kids, the likelihood is that you will also have a BMF. I don’t know what I’d do without my BMF…and neither do our husbands, because if we didn’t have each other, they’d have to listen to all of our child-related neurotic ramblings instead.

Here’s how you know if you have a BMF:

1) You can text her about the disgusting/explosive/weird-shaped poo your baby just had…and she is genuinely interested.

2) She’s seen your house {and you hers} in its most extreme, messy, chaotic state – and you didn’t even care. Better still, neither did she.

3) You’ve changed each others child’s nappy. Willingly. Enough said.

4) Look at your messages – she’s probably the last person you texted.

5) You discipline each other’s kids as you would your own.

6) She’s the first person you call to share your child’s latest milestone. And then realise that you should probably call your husband too…

7) You know each other’s weird quirks and accept them as normal behaviour {doesn’t everyone have a fear of veins or their knees being touched?}

8) She’ll totally back you up when telling the kids that we don’t eat biscuits on a Wednesday…then hide in the kitchen with you, scoffing as many jammy dodgers as possible before the bloodhounds bust you both.

9) She’s seen you without make-up. And you’re still friends.

10) Your kids love each other like extended family – and there’s a good chance they call you ‘Aunty’.

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