A Letter to my big boy: Before you start school


My darling Big Monkey,

I can’t believe you will be starting school in just over three weeks. How did this happen?! I remember the day you were born so very clearly {despite the epidural, gas & air} – my first baby, my little boy. Well, not quite so ‘little’; weighing in at 9lb 10oz, it looked like I’d given birth to a three-month-old hippo, but my goodness you were loved.

Fast forward four-and-a-half years, and I find myself awash with pride, excitement and sadness at the thought of you starting school. I know Daddy thinks I’m a bit silly, but I can’t help feeling as much as we’re on the verge of a wonderful, exciting and life-shaping journey, we’re also leaving behind those precious, early days of innocence.

I’ve watched you grow and develop into the most wonderful, strong-minded little boy, with an infectious grin that lights up my world, combined with a deep-thinking, enquiring mind, that can’t sit still, wears his heart on his sleeve and loves nothing more than making those around him laugh.

This may sound dramatic, but I feel like I’m about to lose a little bit of you. Silly, huh?

I’m sure that once you start school you’ll absolutely love it. But before you do – and because I know how fast these next few years will go – I want to remind you of everything you were at the ripe-old-age of four-and-a-half:

1) You’re energy is infectious and knows no bounds! You are so excitable and full of lust for life, that you remind me to enjoy things purely for pleasure’s sake.

2) You LOVE superheroes. Hulk is your favourite and you take your top off to emulate your hero at any opportunity…but you also still enjoy watching Peter Rabbit before bed.

3) You think anything to do with poo or flatulence is hilarious. I suspect this will only get worse.

4) Your favourite colour is green. Because Hulk is green. But sometimes it’s blue. Always keep your options open.

5) You don’t have the desire or inclination to learn your letters or numbers. And my goodness we’ve tried! But you can scale down the fireman’s pole in the park faster than anyone I know.

6) At four-and-a-half you have size 13 {!!} feet and you’re tall for your age. You find it hilarious {and incredulous} that one day you’ll be taller than mummy and probably even daddy.

7) You love olives. I mean really love them. You’d eat them all day if I’d let you.

8) You still call me ‘mummy’ {I’m not quite ready for ‘mum’}, you run to me when you’re hurt or upset and I still snuggle up with you every night as you drift off to sleep. I know this won’t last forever and it makes my heart hurt.

9) Your imagination is out of this world – your little brain is constantly busy, thinking up new games, asking {a lot of} questions and planning your next adventure. I hope you keep hold of this skill. It’s a gift.

10) Your biggest aspiration when you become a grown-up is to eat nuts, ride your bike without stabilisers and drink a ‘dizzy drink’. In that order.

I don’t know where life will take you, but I hope that as you grow and take on external influences, that you remain true to the strong, sensitive and passionate little boy you are right now. Mummy thinks you’re pretty amazing. I hope that school knows how lucky they are to have you.

Love always,
Mummy x

4 thoughts on “A Letter to my big boy: Before you start school

  1. Suzanne your blog SO sweet. Your insight into the essence of Big Monkey was spot on. It really made me think of this first milestone more deeply.
    When you wrote (8) ( ……..” It makes my heart hurt”) Mine did for you ! Lovely blog Sue. Thank you.


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