Six Things my Husband Has Taught Me.

Blog profile picLast night the hub and I were looking through some old photos of when we first met, nearly twelve years ago when we were both holiday reps in Majorca {yes, I find that hard to believe myself now}. What amazed me most was how much we’d both changed and grown {together, thankfully} and it got me thinking about how we’ve influenced each other over the years, moving from young early-twenty-somethings with no responsibility to early thirty-somethings {thirty-four is still early, right?} with fairly respectable jobs and two beautiful boys to complete us.

So not that I would tell him and inflate his ego, but here are six things my husband has taught me over the last twelve years:

1. Steak is better eaten rare – or at least the rarer end of the scale. For years I fought against this, insisted on cooking my steak to within an inch the cow’s life, but over the last year or so, I have decided to live on the edge and have my steak medium-rare. And do you know what? He was right – it does taste better. Damn him.

2) To remember to love myself – that’s not meant to be as narcissistic as it sounds. But the way my body has changed through the pregnancy and birth of two beautiful {but ridiculously large} babies has definitely altered the way I feel about myself physically. But he insists he still finds me as attractive as the day we met. That either makes him pretty special or a really good liar.

3) Life is better with multiple channels – until the age of 23, I only ever had four channels on the TV.  My parents never saw the need for satellite and it’s true, you don’t miss what you never had. Until I moved in with the hub. He’s a technoholic and we didn’t just have it, we had it all -every unnecessary channel, package, recording facility, the lot. And you know what? I couldn’t go back to just four channels for all the tea in china.

4) Love is ever-evolving – I’ve learned that there are many phases of love that you pass through over the years. It can be passionate, familiar, routine, reignited, erratic and ever-evolving as you both grow.  And it can take on a whole other depth and dimension when you add little people into the mix.

5) To put the toilet roll on the ‘right’ way – I know, I didn’t realise there was a ‘correct’ way to hang the roll either, but he kept bleating on about how the paper should hand down the front and his incessant ranting must have seeped into my subconscious over the last 12 years and now I can’t bear to have the toilet roll hanging any other way. In fact I have no shame in admitting that I have even changed the loo roll around in other people’s bathrooms. I like to think of it as a public service. You’re most welcome.

6) Sometimes you have to take a chance – he’s a risk-taker, I’m a safe-player. I’m a planner, he’d probably move to Australia tomorrow if I suggested it. I’m a ‘what if-er’, he’s a ‘so what if-er.’ You get the picture. Over the years I think we’ve found our balance and although I’ll never throw caution to the wind in the same way he would, I have to admit that his ‘let’s just go for it’ attitude has occasionally led us to wonderful, amazing things. Two of which are tucked up in bed, fast asleep, as I write this post.

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