Six Things my Husband Has Taught Me.

Blog profile picLast night the hub and I were looking through some old photos of when we first met, nearly twelve years ago when we were both holiday reps in Majorca {yes, I find that hard to believe myself now}. What amazed me most was how much we’d both changed and grown {together, thankfully} and it got me thinking about how we’ve influenced each other over the years, moving from young early-twenty-somethings with no responsibility to early thirty-somethings {thirty-four is still early, right?} with fairly respectable jobs and two beautiful boys to complete us.

So not that I would tell him and inflate his ego, but here are six things my husband has taught me over the last twelve years:

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Secret Weapons for Tired Mummies

50s_pin_up_car-heelsNow trust me when I say I’m really not one for an extensive range of beauty products. I’m the person that goes to bed with their makeup on {shock horror, yes, I know, bad for my skin} and just washes it off in the morning. I also forget to cleanse and tone on a regular basis, and if I’m totally honest, I’m not completely sure which one you’re supposed to do first.

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