A Jolly Festive Weekend: part 1

IMG_8037Ignoring the fact that it was technically still November, our house totally got its festive thang on this weekend.

On Saturday morning, the hub made the epic journey into the loft, battled through boxes of carefully-packed-away-things (of which neither of us can actually remember what they are) and located our Christmas tree and decorations. As item after item passed gracefully down through the hatch in the ceiling (and by this you know I mean they got lobbed down), I made sure that no small children were harmed in the graceful manoeuvring of over-sized sparky reindeer from loft to floor. Festive challenge #1 – complete.


I always remember decorating the Christmas tree as being really exciting when I was little. Dad would put the Christmas cd on (same one every year, I knew all the songs word-for-word, loved it), then he and I would argue over putting the tree together, and after that mum and I would decorate it. That would always signal the start of Christmas in our house and I had romantic notions of recreating the same traditions in my own family. Minus the traditional festive falling out.

Adding the first bauble - before rapidly losing interest!

Adding the first bauble – before rapidly losing interest!

So on went the Christmas music channel and after about 30 seconds into Last Christmas (it ain’t Christmas without Wham!), Big Monkey declared , “This is rubbish, can we watch Spiderman?”

Resisting the urge to scream “But it’s Wham!” in his face, I tried to explain it was a Christmas classic, by which point he was already poking his little brother in the ribs with a bauble shouting “You can’t get me bad man, I’m Spiderman!”. Sorry George, clearly you’re wasted on these children.

Decorating in pyjamas. Classy.

Decorating in pyjamas. Classy.

So the tree went up (minus the fall-out), lights were entwined and baubles and ornaments were added. They were also taken off by little fingers almost as quickly as I was attaching them, but nevertheless, the decorating was complete. All that was left was for the hub to put the angel on the top. Something that should technically be my job as chief-tree-decorator, but due to height restrictions, I bestowed this honour upon him.

Adding the final touch.

Adding the final touch.

After we’d finished and admired our handiwork, I asked Big Monkey what he thought of the tree, excited to share this special moment with my son. “It’s nice” he said nonchalently, “but why don’t monkeys wear clothes?”

Yup. Why indeed.

2 thoughts on “A Jolly Festive Weekend: part 1

  1. Daryl says:

    Love the tree But won’t be following your example as I plug in the good old fibre optic tree on Christmas Eve! Do we know why Monkeys don’t wear clothes yet!


    • Thanks crumbs for sharing your ‘ Jolly Festive Weekend Part 1’ can’t wait for part 2. Removing items from the loft must strike a best forgotten chord with all of us as we start the festive preparations.
      Your tree looks lovely. I think I can see a glimmer( could be grimace) of joy on hubs profile as he lovingly places the angel at the top of the tree.
      I’ve always felt its The natural way of things to pass on our childhood traditions to our children as you are doing. Big monkeys verdict on the tree ” it’s nice” is as good as it gets, crumbs. That’s boys for you.
      I must confess I have never thought of playing ‘wham’ whilst decorating the tree but will give it a go! I usually play Mario Lanza singing ” Oh, come all he faithfull”


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