A letter to Little Monkey on his 1st Birthday

IMG_7623My darling Little Monkey,

I can hardly believe you’re about to turn 1, as I sit and write this letter. In the space of twelve months you’ve turned from a wriggly little bundle that burst into the world with the cord wrapped round your neck (twice!) into a wriggly little boy that has the most infectious smile, a beautiful personality and can’t sit still for a minute.

You are my angel baby – you were born just 11 months after your nana passed away and I truly believe you were a gift from her. You helped heal a huge part of my life that had suddenly been ripped apart and sometimes when I look at you, I see her staring straight back at me. I wish with all my heart that she could have met you. I know she would love you to the moon and  back.

Reubs door swing

I have loved watching you grow and develop over this past year – you have such an inquisitive nature, and you seem to be a natural problem solver. Don’t ever lose that interest in life, in all the things around you. Ask questions, be curious. It will take you far. Everyone has always remarked on what a happy baby you are – and you really are. You have a wonderfully content and gentle manner, but you’re not afraid to speak up if you don’t like something. Which is usually your older brother taking your toy or ‘accidentally’ rugby tackling you to the ground. One day you’ll be old enough to rugby tackle him back and then the trouble really begins!

Zach and in cot

I love seeing your relationship with your brother develop. He’s no longer a total source of irritation to you, and you’re becoming good playmates, allies even. I watch the two of you laughing together as you roll around on the floor and my greatest wish is that you both continue to love and look after each other as you grow up. He will be your first friend, your first enemy, your first hero. Don’t ever let anyone or anything come in-between you.

Thank you for loving me so unconditionally. When you see me first thing in the morning, you look at me like I’m the centre of your little world. Your eyes light up with such adoration, that it makes my heart melt. I feel so lucky that I got to be your mummy. I wish so many things for you my baby boy, but most of all, I hope that you grow up to live a happy life and know that you are truly and utterly loved. Whichever path you choose and wherever your journey takes you, I will always love and protect you with every fibre of my being.

Reuben birthday

Happy 1st birthday my darling.

All my love,
Mummy x

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