A week of milestones

IMG_7568Some weeks just pass by in a happy-mundane kind of way. And then there are some weeks when everyday feels like it presents a major event that deserves to be celebrated, shouted from the rooftops or just plain acknowledged with a large glass of wine. The past seven days has been one of those weeks and here are the 5 milestones I’ve encountered:

1) My littlest baby took his first steps – HUGE milestone. It never fails to amaze me that we  get so excited over something that after a while, we all take for granted and do all day long, without a second thought. But this week, Little Monkey took his first steps, signalling a massive change in his development and a teary milestone for mummy. Of course it didn’t help that the first step happened when he was at the childminder’s…but I worked on the principal that if I didn’t see it personally, then it didn’t really happen. He must have sensed my neurotic state of denial, because two days later, he took 4 wobbly little steps just for me and I love him all the more for it.

2) I bought my last ‘first-pair-of-shoes’ – this was a bittersweet milestone. It was exciting that I was buying Little Monkey’s first pair of proper shoes, marking his transition from crawler to walker. I clapped and made a big fuss of his ‘big-boy shoes’ and he looked at the like, “what the hell are these on my feet?”.  Ungrateful creature. But when I got home, I realised that these will be the very last ‘first-pair-of-shoes’ that I will buy and that realisation was tinged with sadness.

3) I looked at two primary schools for Big Monkey – don’t even start me off on this one! I’m not sure how I even have a child that is almost school age. The thought of him going to school is fraught with anxieties and “what if’s…” – and that’s just me! It will be an exciting transition for him (I hope), but it reminds me that a whole new way of life and family routine is just around the corner. What if I pick the wrong school? What if he doesn’t like it? How will he find his way around? What if my choice of school right now mentally traumatises him I’ve ruined any chance of academic fulfilment before he’s even got there? The hub thinks I’m a neurotic lunatic. He’s probably right.

4) No tears at preschool drop off – well, this was a biggie! You can read the full story here in my recent post ‘Hooray, nothing happened today!’ But let’s just say after nearly 6 months of tears and clinging round my leg, it was a MAJOR breakthrough. That boy never fails to surprise me and I was so proud, I did a small celebratory dance in the car park.

5) A no-fuss bedtime – Anyone that knows us well as a family, knows that bedtimes have always been eventful. Ok, I’m being kind, it’s been a pigging pain in the bottom since Big Monkey was about 4 months old and I can count on one hand the number of times he’s just stayed in bed and gone to sleep without tears, jumping up and down the stairs, threats of blanket removal, sleep training, rewards charts, reasoning and plain old yelling “stay in your bed!”. I’ve tried everything, the boy just hates the day to end. Anyway, we recently dropped his daytime nap (he LOVES his daytime nap, so this was quite a big deal) and just pushed him through. By 4pm we were in over-tired meltdown territory, by 6pm I wanted to hit the wine but by 7pm he was in bed asleep. Yup, no fuss, no delay-tactics, just in bed and fast asleep.

The hub and I sat down on the sofa and didn’t really know what to do. It was an alien feeling – we actually had a whole evening to ourselves. We could reconnect, talk about our week, spend quality time together at last. So we did what any self-respecting parents would do – we spread out on opposite end of the sofa, ate dinner in front of the tv, and didn’t speak to each other for a whole 3 hours. It was bliss.

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