The 5 Best Things about being Back at Work

photo (2)Having recently returned to work after being on maternity leave with Little Monkey, there were many things I knew I’d miss, number one being able to spend everyday with my smallest baby. But after my first day, aside from missing the boys, I realised that even work clouds have a silver lining.

Here is my list of the 5 best things about being back at work:

1) I am reminded that I actually have clothes that are baby-stain free. For the last 10 months no outfit has been complete without some form of bodily fluid from a little person.

2) I can go to the toilet alone. None of my work colleagues follow me, or even demand that I leave the door open. No one clings around my ankles or makes me sing Humpty Dumpty as I do my business. I’m not even ambushed with a sword/toy gun/some form of weapon upon leaving the bathroom.

3) I can eat my lunch from start to finish without a) being interrupted b) having to share it or c) ending up wearing it.

4) A lunchtime trip to the supermarket feels like a mini break. Going back to work was the first opportunity I’d had in months to go into a shop without a changing bag the size of a house, an array of toys/bribery snacks to ward off shopping-induced meltdowns or having to shout down the aisles, “Slow down/mind that lady/take that bra off your head.”

5) Not at any point during the day am I required to be Spiderman. Or a baddie. Or a pirate, or a monkey, or a soldier. I only have to pretend to be someone who remembers how to do her job after having 10 months off.

Hmmm, maybe being Spiderman wasn’t that bad after all…

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