The wonderfully bizarre mind of a 3-year-old

6883848948_05bb6470b1_mOne of the best things about a three-year-old’s brain is the delightfully limitless imagination and pre-schooler logic that accompanies it. I often have fabulously bizarre conversations with Big Monkey (BM) and here is a transcript of our latest tête-à-tête over dinner:

BM: Are you happy mummy?

Me: Of course I am darling, I’m sitting with you and your brother having dinner, that makes me very happy. What makes you happy?

BM: (pauses to think) Dinosaurs. And web shooters, like Spiderman. Oh and crispies. (Slight frown appears) Lions don’t make me happy.

Me: So who is your best friend?

BM: Bella.

Me: And who are you going to marry when you grow up?

BM: Well, not Bella, because she didn’t share her torch with me the other day.

Me: That’s fair enough. So who will you marry instead?

MB: A fox. Probably. Or mummy.

Me: You know you can’t really marry a fox don’t you?

BM: Why? Because they eat ducks? And they have pointy ears?

Me: Well, that’s two very valid reasons, yes, but you just can’t marry an animal.

BM: Can I marry Spiderman?

Me: Er, not really…

BM: Then I’ll marry Santa. He’s got reindeer and he can jump down chimneys. Then I can have Christmas presents everyday.


Can’t argue with that.


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