Happy wedding day

photo 1-11Yesterday I attended the evening wedding reception of a childhood family friend and it was a beautiful day of firsts and familiars. Hubby stayed at home with the boys and mummy was officially off-duty for the night, with my dad as my date.

It was my first time getting dressed up and going out (yup, hair curled, make-up on, the lot!) since the birth of Little Monkey 10 months ago. It was the first time I had managed to walk successfully in heels without looking like a deranged lunatic. It was the first time dad and I had been to such a celebration alone, since mum passed away just over 18 months ago.  And it was the first time I’d been in a room with many of these people since I was 14.

It’s amazing that no matter how old you get, no matter how much you’ve matured, put down roots, got married and had kids – no one has the power to make you feel like a giggly 14-year-old again, than an old childhood friend. They knew you at your best and most vulnerable, when you didn’t even really know yourself.

The reception was perfect – intimate but relaxed, with all the sentiment of a traditional wedding without any rigid formality. I reminisced and laughed with friends I’ve haven’t spoken with for years and felt the warmth of familiarity as people who’ve known us as a family for years, talked fondly of mum. The bride was just as I remember her, full of life and infectious laughter, and we all smiled the whole way through.

As the party shifted up a gear, I had to remind my carefree, 14-year-old self that the grown-up-me would be rudely awoken at 6am by a Little Monkey looking for his mummy and his milk. So with a slightly giddy head after one too many bubbles, I bid a fond farewell to old friends, and headed back to my life as mummy and wife and wearer-of-flat-shoes.

So even though there’s been years that have passed between us, since we were those carefree 14 year olds, I want to thank you for letting me be part of your wedding, and for all the firsts we shared together many moons ago. We may no longer hang out in the park on long summer days that seemed to go on forever, but I sure as hell remember how much fun it was growing up with you.

Happy wedding day old friend.


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