Moments like these

zach and reubsSometimes…ok, a lot recently…I come home from work after a long day full of office politics, with a head full of endless to-do’s, aching feet and an overwhelming desire to lie down and have a little nap.

I am tired, with little patience and quite frankly, I can’t wait to get the boys into bed, finish all the annoying grown-up chores and sit on my lovely comfy sofa, glass of wine (ok, fruity cider) in hand and zone out to some trashy telly.

And then something like this happens…my two little beauties stop trying to antagonise each other for a few moments and they share a tender moment of genuine, brotherly love that just makes me melt.

I remember that all the work stuff really isn’t important; that I can leave office-mummy and my high heels at the door, the mess in the house can wait a little longer and moments like this are what it’s all about.

Thanks for reminding me boys…now be a couple of angels and go and get mummy that drink x

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